No matter if you like to stay in shape with exclusive training sessions during your holidays or you like to undergo a long-term fitness support as an island (part-time) residents - we create an entertaining world of fitness for you.

Discover new ways of training

Through the massive variety of almost every kind of training systems and methods you will experience highly valuable training sessions with us. Choose between 1on1 training, partner workouts or even music driven tailor made group fitness classes - we adapt to your demands.

Fitness Experts for selected clients of the best agencies & hotels.

We are proud to offer our services in close collaboration to the leading luxury hotels and agencies of Ibiza.

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Private  Personal Training Gym in San Mateo

Just 20mins driving time from Eivissa you perceive another island. Located in San Mateo we provide a full season gym - private clients only.

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Group Fitness is also a very popular type of workout. Usually driven by theme matching music, it shifts your motivation and ability to work effectively. Additionally doing fitness with friends or other people joining in, makes group fitness classes an uplifting experience, too.

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Fitness Age 50+ experts

Have you ever asked yourself why the fitness industry still only focuses on "young people"? - Personal fitness attendance is the more important the older one gets. We are the only Personal Fitness provider that focus on age 50+ fitness.

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Summer Aqua Gym

Forget about everything you have ever heard about Aqua Fitness. In fact our system of Aqua Athletics takes place in a pool, but it cannot be compared to the image of senior gymnastics you might think of.

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Suspension Training TRX and Trail Fitness