Recovery & Manual Therapy

As being a lifetime sportsman with a wide spectrum of practising I have got the belief, almost every pain symptom and inflammation issue should not be treated with pharmaceuticals in long term.

Furhermore treating the symptoms by the cause by implementing an active sensitive lifestyle that is adapted to your everyday life must be the primary goal.


MIndfulness & Mental Focus

The world around us accelerates each year felt manyfold. Chronical exhaustion, depression and ADHD disorder diagnostics spring out like mushrooms.

In many ways the island of Ibiza is a perfect hideaway to learn and practise new skills to prevent those disorders and to realign in your life. By suffering from an ADHD disorder on my own I learned pharmaceutical free ways to focus and to rebalance mentally.


Breathing and focusing techniques Cortisolow programme Body Balance Classes Body Rolling & Fascial Release Active Assisted Stretching 


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy & Fascial Release

Cardiovascular Recovery
Golden-Ager Fitness


Nutrtion Concepts

"Natural Organic Doping"
Diabetis Nutrition Solutions
Dieting & Fat Loss Concept