timGold provides almost every service that makes you fit and maintains health of your body and mind. With our outright education in nearly every area of fitness and rehablition we can offer you a smart symbiosis of variation, intensity and health.


Together we hold 15 years of experiance as fitness professionals. Servicing the society from Hamburg and being fitness excecutives in one of the best Member's Only Club, Hyatt Club Olympus, we provide a high degree of professionalism. With our diversified services in sport specific as well as therpeutic areas (Collaboration with physicians & physiotherapeutic practices) we also impart a high level of knowledge about training, nutrition and health. 

León Gold

Personal Fitness Trainer; LnB Painless Therapist


Born in: 1984

  • Aerobic & Group Fitness Licence A & B
  • Fitness Trainer Licence A & B
  • Personal Fitness Trainer Licence
  • Kick-Box and Tae-Kwon-Do Trainer
  • LnB Painless manual therapist
  • Les Mills BODY JAM Instructor
  • Les Mills BODY COMBAT Instructor
  • Fitvibe Vibration Plate Instructor


  • Martial Arts & KickBox
  • Group Fitness Dance Workouts
  • Pain therapy and motion therapy with LnB Painless
  • Flexibility and relax workout

Tim Gold

Personal Fitness Trainer; Sports Therapist


Born in: 1978

  • Fitness Trainer Licence A und B
  • Personal Fitness Trainer Licence A & B
  • Tennis Trainer C Licence
  • LnB-Motion Trainer (therapeutic motion)
  • Group Fitness Licence B
  • Trainer for Rehabilition and Performace Diagnostics
  • Athleticon Aqua Fitness Instructor
  • Sports and Motion Therapist
  • Fitvibe Vibration Plate Instructor


  • Weight reduction programmes
  • Rehabilitation after cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the muscoskeletal system
  • Nutrition consulting | Anti-Ageing nutrition
  • Performance diagnostics