Professional, diversified and with the greatest variety on the island. Exclusiveness and discretion as a matter of course.
Private Gym - Inhouse Villa & Hotel Service.

We provide Personal Fitness Training in all kind of variations, customized Group Fitness and weight loss & dieting, as well as Rehabilitation Services through our LnB Painless and sports therapy education.


Enter the world of timGold - a world of fun, good-looking, health and vitality. We also recommend to visit or YouTube Channel on that we feature some of our training methods, giving examples how to train with us.

In case you are tempted by our services and intend to do a long-term attendance, you are invited to take a Free Trial Session. Get it now!

About Us

Like nobody else on Ibiza we combine latest sports science knowledge with a fun-driven, exiting and Ibiza styled training atmosphere.

Personal Fitness Training

Training programmes, fitness devices an information about performance training.

Manual Therapy & Rehab

LnB Painless & Fascial Release Treatments, Sports Massages and individual recovery trainings provided.